Craftsmanship in AI, tips on Azure Functions

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Hi friends,

This was a lighter month in terms of writing articles, but don't fret - I've still got some interesting things for you to read.

For starters, if you want to understand more about craftsmanship and about honing your machine learning skills, you might want to read this thread 🧶, the distillation of my conversation with Sandro Mancuso from earlier this month.

I've also a couple of tips on Azure Functions, stuff like how to configure function bindings using application settings,and the options you have for retrying failed executions. Both really useful when you're dealing with a queue-triggered function.

MacOS gets some ❤️ too, with a tip on running scripts over ssh.

5 (more) things to read

  1. Arthur C. Clarke talking about iPhone, Zoom, and hybrid work. 45 years ago.
  2. Chip Huyen on the infrastructure you need for data science. tl;dr; you (probably) shouldn't worry too much about Kubernetes.
  3. Did you know DataBricks comes with a Feature Store?
  4. El Risitas learns about MLOps.
  5. Why we sleep.

Yours truly,


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