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GitHub Copilot and five interesting things on the web

Published almost 3 years ago • 1 min read

Hi friends,

The future is coming and there's reason to be excited about it. I've been lucky enough to be able to test GitHub Copilot for the past few weeks and even though it has its quirks, it looks very promising. Not promising enough to fear losing our jobs, but promising enough to warrant daydreaming about the day when we'll all be using Copilot-powered compilers to compile English to Python/C#/JavaScript/etc. Sigh.

I've even written an article about my experience. It has significantly less code than my regular writing, but I think it offers a glimpse of our future in development, 3-5 years down the road.

GitHub Copilot: First Impressions

Apart from trying out Copilot, I've also been paying more attention to the things I consume online. I'm including five of the most interesting things I've read/listened to on the web lately, which I think you'll enjoy:

  1. Ramit Sethi's interview on The Art of Manliness - Podcast #184: Harnessing Behavioral Psychology for a Rich Life
  2. Sam Altman's musings on the merge between humans and machines (it felt strangely appropriate to read this while using Copilot) - The Merge
  3. Andrew Ng's talk on shifting the focus of ML practitioners from model development to data quality - A Chat with Andrew on MLOps: From Model-centric to Data-centric AI, slides are here
  4. The research has spoken - Handwriting Beats Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read
  5. A Thoughtworker's insights on coding best practices for data scientists - Coding habits for data scientists

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Vlad Iliescu

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